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Walk with a tame reindeer!

Go with a tame reindeer wherever you want in Lapland, maybe it is northern lights at the same time. You get to know the beautiful animal and take pictures with it. You lead the reindeer yourself and learn to control it. After the walk you feed your own reindeer. 

The Sami reindeer herder is there as a guide all the time to help you and the reindeer. During this time you will learn a lot about reindeers, their behavior and also about the Sami and their Culture.

Suitable for: 13+ 

Including: Guide

Included: Coffee and tea, Sami flat bread with dried reindeer meat as a topping. 

Warm Blueberry and lingonberry drink.

Equipment: Warm outdoor clothing recommended.

Children 8 - 12 free in adult company.

On request

Customized trips available for your business or private!

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